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assorted photos

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Post  kat12 on Fri Dec 13, 2013 5:47 am

assorted photos 860491_10152076777170446_1736924983_o

this one my son has named Sonic
assorted photos 995253_10152076776985446_1219799987_n

assorted photos 1498073_10152076777055446_269097534_o

guppy endler hybrid male
assorted photos 1504488_10152076777095446_923856742_o

black molly fry and adult female guppy
assorted photos 903220_10152076777165446_1282128536_o

another guppy/endler male
assorted photos 1493573_10152076777185446_1234194461_o

black molly fry
assorted photos 1488274_10152076777145446_1567752403_n
assorted photos 1504376_10152076777110446_1613737451_o

golden mickey mouse platy juvi
assorted photos 1488150_10152076777225446_247688020_n

my biggest platy female
assorted photos 1500864_10152076777355446_1592871679_o


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Post  Amp2020 on Tue Dec 17, 2013 9:08 am

Try setting the width no greater than 700 for the pictures.

assorted photos IMAGE_656

Or they come out too big to be viewed on certain devices.
assorted photos IMAGE_656


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