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super grow food for sale

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super grow food for sale Empty super grow food for sale

Post  chiclidlover on Thu Oct 30, 2014 7:49 pm

I've perfected my super grow food I've been feeding my fish this food for a year an had no problems no sickness from parasites are any other problem. My Oscar have grown an inch a month an all my live bearers have spawned an spawned an spawned this food helps bottom feeders get there fair share of nutrients my fry grow out an develop color in two days from this food. Its 5.00 a tray its enough for one month or longer can be freezes are refrigerated. You will see the difference in water quality an fish behavior all foods are organic I have veggie base beef heart based an seafood based for picky eaters. Buy a tray or ask for a sample . This is what I've been perfecting threw the year. I promise you'll see good results all ingredients are grown or bought strictly organic even the beef hearts or from mish country I cut no corners only cost. Send me a message ill ship a sample or bring it to you . Thanks fish keepers have a grwat day..

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