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Visited ramas

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Visited ramas

Post  chiclidlover on Sun Feb 23, 2014 5:33 pm

Visited schoolz yesterday for six female guppies for the five hungry males from bills rescue noticed he had some more feeders in so I grabed 30 plus a mystery snail got home an couldn't bear seeing them getting eaten because of there colors there all schooling with the guppies in the 29 so I raced to my lfs p.s. They had my sunsets on sale 50 cents per fish so I bout four an two buenos tetra for the other two in the tank. This brings the number up to forty in total. The plants bill gave me have started growing an the 2 original test subjects the silver minnow an comet gold fish love bidding behing them the snails have been racing up an down the glass my community tank has come along way guess I'll trim some banana plants an place them in the twenty 9

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