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Community Tank.

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Community Tank.

Post  williemcd on Sun Jan 19, 2014 3:57 pm

I'm thinking my next project will be a big community tank consisting primarily of various tetras.  Probably about 5 dozen, 5 varieties.  Of course, I'll be looking for schooling fish as I think it's awesome seeing them engaged in that manner.  Since different varieties prefer different strata of the tank, I'd like to have a balanced presentation with top portion dwellers, mid portion and bottom portion.  It goes without saying that I'll be digging for identification and preferences of the myriad varieties but it will hopefully make for an interesting discussion point!
Some of the varieties I'm considering:
Cardinals (Must have)
Black Neons

Any suggestions?  Bill 

P.s. The host tank will be a 120, heavily planted.  Temps high 70's low 80's, ph 6.0-6.5.


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