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Angelfish variety.

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Angelfish variety.

Post  neogeo20041 on Sun Jan 05, 2014 7:32 pm

Common phenotype (Physical trait) /Genetic code
Wild(silver) +/+
Zebra Z/+
Marble M/+
Smokey Sm/+
Gold g/g
Gold marble Gm/+, Gm/Gm or Gm/g
Albino a/a
Dark D/+
Platinum g/g- pb/pb

Angelfish variety.
P. scalare

Wild series. (+-+)
Peruvian red shoulder
Peruvian Altum (P. scalare)
St. Isabella
Santerm(have to be checked)

Gold series. (g)
Gold (g/g)
Gold marble (Gm/+, Gm/g or Gm/Gm)
Sunset (g/g-S/S)
Hybrid black (D/g)
Koi (GmGm/g-S/S, Gm

Dark series.
Double dark
Black lace
Zebra lace
Smokey lace
Halfblack lace
Hybrid black

Albino series.
Albino silver
Albino pinoy
Albino pinoy ghost
Albino koi
Albino orange topped
Albino gold
Albino paraiba
Albino blushing
Albino smokey
Albino choclate
Albino marble
Albino halfblack
Albino zebra
Albino daltums

P. Altum.

P. leopoldi.

Edit- I will update this page as I go. I will also add picture for each type. If anyone want to contribute to this thread is welcome to leave a post.

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