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VaFA is now ONE year and ONE day old.

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VaFA is now ONE year and ONE day old.

Post  Admin on Mon Dec 30, 2013 9:26 pm

I wanted to thank everyone that has been so loyal to their/this site. I constantly see an outpouring of support for others from others. It gladdens my heart and gives me faith in this community called "Fish Keepers".
I started this group a year ago because of seeing constant bickering, self-promotion and ego gratification on prior sites. I've seen that in other endeavors such as Habitat for Humanity, Big Brothers and political groups. People start out with a conviction to contribute and, at times, it delves into personal issues. It's a tribute to EACH owner/member that this hasn't occurred here on this forum/site. I host a glass of wine in tribute to the character of our members here. Admin.


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