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Huntin Story...

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Huntin Story...

Post  williemcd on Fri Dec 06, 2013 9:13 pm

100% absolutely true:...

A number of years ago... quite a few numbers... say in the mid 70's I was introduced into the world of big-game hunting for White-tailed deer in upstate NY.
My uncle, who was a big hunter, took me under his wing, grabbed one of his buds and decided to spend a day getting his Nephew (me) his "first buck"...
With the mission in mind, the uncle stationed me and his bud at the end of a ridge up in the mtns. and then proceeded to drive (walk) the ridge to the end where we were stationed.

An hour or so into the watch, I heard scrambling behind me, turned and noted a 6 pt. trying to avoid me. Without hesitation, I fired off a shot (from the hip no less) and knocked the critter down.
Yelling to the the "bud" I told him it was down but not dead...
His reply: "put another slug in it."
I replied...: "It won't lay still!!!!!!!!!!:"
His reply: "Go cut it's throat"
My reply: "How about we take it to the Veterinarian?"!

Luckily the deer expired before I got to it but the sight of it's tongue hanging out, it's lifeless eyes staring at me... almost asking "What the Hell did I do to you?" has forever stopped me from harvesting deer myself... even though, I find they are really tasty!


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