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update on my planted tank

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update on my planted tank

Post  chiclidlover on Thu Nov 20, 2014 1:45 am

4 angels two golden mystery snails four trumpet snails four red minor tetras three red neon tetras. Four tiger barbs two corys. Temp 82 ph 6.4 nitrates 2 . Light 24" t5 plant bulb lowes brand one strip timed with light outside 10 hrs a day thirty minutes  break at twelve pm substrate soil clay an pea gravel pure crush lava rock an iron ore c02 injected. Marineland ten gallon filter an sandman thirty gallon filter with extended pump bac. Catcher . Hydrophilia cabomba melon sword amazon swords draceana java fern jungle Val an on top peace Lilly's an aloe Vera plant. Top all glass.

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