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oscars are up to eight inches long an a five inches wide

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oscars are up to eight inches long an a five inches wide

Post  chiclidlover on Mon Sep 22, 2014 9:46 pm

Finally caught them sleeping had a tape measure handy plus my verizon remote as  a back up tge boys are a half a inch longer then the girls. They have gotten use to the kids feeding them so know they spit ri ks at the glass to get there attention. Ive also notice my pleco getting longer and aggressive towards tgem at times but its been a great  nine months. An they said it couldnt be done but it can fifty  five is the best tank to start of with oscars an keep them in for a year then move up. Next tank for them will be a hundred long an ill make one fifty five community  tank planted shrimps snails an tetras no pleco just corys pleco loves to root up plants trying to eat the under side of stems on plants.An tend thy spoil easy lol swimming up for food.

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