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Saving money on food with wilted veggies from super market

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Saving money on food with wilted veggies from super market

Post  chiclidlover on Thu Jul 17, 2014 9:42 pm

Recently visited my parents in Pensacola Florida an visited a local fresh water fish store. The colors of tetras an Cory's were awesome I asked the shop keep what wat he secret he pointed out he feeds all his fish from the fridge processed wilted veggies jellied an frozen using prime to knock out nitrates an nitrites his mix looks like taffy in the water. He exsplained that its more natural if you research your fishes lake individually for food sources that are plant base via nuts fruits veggies an yes mosquito larva from your own yard. He mentioned that most fish may eat one fish a week an survive off plant an insect matter. Here's the kicker you don't wilt veggies in a pan you use natures on way placing veggies in a all white container with holes to attract smaller insects to help decompos leave of green veggies after one day remove from outside don't rinse pureè in blender any little insect in container can be tossed in for treat an protein don't worry about parasites cause your controlling staging an removal of veggies your harnessing natures sun air an most all those micro organisms that fall in with fruit nuts from un eaten food any thing that get washed in.
1 half gallon container filled with veggies of choice
1 box of Knox jello
1 blender
3 cups of boiling water
1 cup of cold water
2 ice trays
Water conditioner 1 drop of prime will be enough let's say 0.4 ml
Drill holes or use a knife an poke holes in container lid
Next collect veggies of choice broccoli , romain lettuce
Zucchini , yellow squash , no iceberg lettuce.
You may rinse veggies an let drain dry cut if you want too doesn't
Really matter. Place at least half of container with first set of veggies press down that will push air around veggies add the rest push again close lid an place in low light area outside.
After 24/hrs get container if done right you'll see some small insects inside an outside of container brush them off take to blender
Add cold water dechlorinated of course with dissolved Knox packs 4 to be exact add 3 cups off Boling water if your blender is hot an cold ready if not use a bowl first then blend
Purée to baby food consistency spoon into ice trays refrigerate for 8 hrs
Remove then freeze
You can also add garlic , meds, even that fish food no body likes it just floats there lol . I've tried a batch an my mollies are growing so are the tetras color are brighter algae eaters gotten brighter an my levels dropped with nitrates. Hope this helps out it helped me out no more lfs store food for me

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