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Gold skirt tetra

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Gold skirt tetra

Post  chiclidlover on Sun Jun 01, 2014 11:41 pm

Just placed four gold skirt tetra. Added to my 29 with the buenos an Columbia tetra they are hilarious much smaller but they fit right in my male Molly finned up checked them out chased them for a second are two know all breeds of the tetras I have shoaling thru the tank an my platty had fifty fry an they all are living in the java moss section I made just for them the guppies dropped five Molly's had four a piece that's twenty lol the storm front an power outage sent them all into laber it's a circus of colors an all the fry hang together lol got a fish nusery inside the tank hidden by wood moss an lava rock I'm excited convincing myself to leave the fry an let nature take it course oh yeah the Columbian tetra spawn on a mob end haven't seen any free swimmers yet but no ones going near that area no even turbo( snail ) an moe albino ( Cory) it's usely there hang out spot ( Ira has tought me a lot bill has shown me the way victors biological manner help me break down chemicals an meds to almost perfect measurements I give thanks to you guys ill pass it on knowledge like this cant be bought must be shared )

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