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update on my tanks 2/55 an a 29 for now lol

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update on my tanks 2/55 an a 29 for now lol Empty update on my tanks 2/55 an a 29 for now lol

Post  chiclidlover on Wed May 21, 2014 10:18 am

update on my tanks 2/55 an a 29 for now lol Photo_4855 planted with swords they were small swords they have started sprouting i let my dead plant matter stay until the next water change are not update on my tanks 2/55 an a 29 for now lol Photo_45this is the swords i have planted on is a mother sword its on the right update on my tanks 2/55 an a 29 for now lol Photo11this is the cave i made with drift wood an rocks with a sword an bannan plant tied to some wood. with a val planted in the pfs,update on my tanks 2/55 an a 29 for now lol Photo_49 last its my planted 29 >> i got some trimmings from my guru ira some water sprite java moss some ronners i cant remeber there names an a sword plus a fern ive been growing for 3 months on some drift wood it grows so slow cabomba from bill that ive trimmed an spreaded some gypsy grass an two plastic plants for the pleco to push around the tank my 55 has pairs of tiger oscars in them lighting is a walmart plant grow 24" an one 18" led blue an white strip in one an the other has 1 24" plant grow walmart brand an a 18" 50/50 t8 coral life from petco. marineland 350 an 400 emperors on both tanks temp at 79. wc once a week. my 29 has a c4 fluval an a tetra whisper 30 an a fountain pump conected to a spray bar diy that is just to circulate the top water temp 80 lighting two aquegon t8 8000 from a yard sale around the corner i rotate lights from back to front by timmer this way there on together at 12 noon an seperated by front is morning a back light is afternoon. air flow for all tanks are from two sixty gallon pump walmart brand an three ten gallon fusions for a buck a piece lol two run air flow for the twenty nine an the other runs the bacteria catcher ive made out of beads an a pepsi bottle its been running for 4 months an each light color bead has bacteria on them bill gave me an idea awhile ago sitting in his cave.its help out alot i do water changes one a month with about 50 fish in it owe yeah i change filters once a month on all tanks made from filter floss an the original filter holders just zip tied in place i use zeolite an carbon mix in all tanks an some pot scrubbies plastic that is for bacteria catcher purposes each tank has a calcuim an iron tab mix planted in subsrate with air lines ran threw the soil to promote oxygen in the gravel.. an my mystery snails have had lil ones so its 4 cleaning the tank i add kosher salt to all tanks i use flourish excel products in all tanks an i dont feed any fish fish flakes are pellets they all eat gel food from my diy recipee even my fry.all tanks are crystal clear.. camera picks up glare from light working on a new camera maybe an olympic model

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