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Spawning Blue Spotted Sunfish E.Glorisus

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Spawning Blue Spotted Sunfish E.Glorisus Empty Spawning Blue Spotted Sunfish E.Glorisus

Post  IRAligon on Mon May 12, 2014 11:41 am

Enneacanthus gloriosus, blue spotted sunfish are easy to keep in the aquarium.I got them to spawn one time in a 15 gallon. I put three large females in the tank and one large male. I planted half the tank very heavy and feed black worms and red worms. In a few weeks they spawned this was in the spring, so I cheated a little bit they were going to spawn in the wild anyway. I say large for them that is 3' for females an males 5"mine weren't that big.I raised about 100 of them and turned them loose in the white oak swamp were i caught the parents.these the problem with sunfish is they look good when you put them in a tank,but lose their color a a week or less..


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