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Oscars an there temperament

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Oscars an there temperament

Post  chiclidlover on Mon Apr 28, 2014 4:45 pm

I've been paying attention to my oscars an there aggression. Let me first say they are not the type of animal to companion with a docile breed. They can tolerate smaller fish of there kind if feed properly an water conditions are keep up. I've notice they only like fish with darker colors hint the smaller oscar will use the color changing less to show aggression. They do not like fish to swim over them even a pleco. It's a social order like stepping on someone's feet. In my studies I notice doing rainy days they shoal an partner up together. Doing bright sunny days they tend to become playful with each other. Swimming together resting together.. I've noted the female will let the male eat first an then she will take her share. I've also noted when nitrates are up they become aggressive attacking the filter input section. There very intelligent creatures they can solve problems if the oscars is a week formed are deformed natures law stakes the weaker doesn't survive hint albinos in the wild don't make it very long they are usually eaten are starved for food. These facts I've noted an watch my oscars there great parents mom an pop. All first fry survived an there currently growing in a family members forty breeder tank all five there new home awaits there arrival 150 tank planted of course my in law loves plants . I feed them all with my gel food I heard of micro worms just never got around to getting some. Plus the gel has proven its consistency with my feeder fry. All four of my oscars have not been eating pellets for about three months an the aggression has dropped there color is out of this world they grown one inch the females are at six inches long four inches wide my males are a whopping seven an five inches wide tempted to use the cooking scale an weigh them but stress is a factor I don't play with it keeps them docile I introduce a smaller oscar today an they all layed under the sword together it was a test an they past its a female half there size a rescue my co workers wants her so shell be in his tank later.. Just wanted to let readers know there's a curve with oscars you gotta pamper them yes there affection to owner yes they are will they kill another fish yes they will but not all fish live bearers in nature are the same to beef to us. Last but not lease they are not loner fish they swim with parihnas in most lakes there opportunist. An they love swords an banna plants it's cover for sleep..all in all I've enjoyed watching them grow an there personalities come together I keep my water at 79 acidic water -7 with some kosher salt plants amazon swords , banna plants an cabomba substrate Pfs / pea size gravel so they can spit pebbles at the glass. Walmart under cabinet 24 inch light on both tanks. Walmart plant light also plant light bulb 2 filters per tank 2/350--2/400 marineland dual bio wheels ( victor gave some great advice about how much filtration I would need he was right on point) I use half the amont of salt need for the 55(2) an half the amont of excel. Maybe this will help someone with there up coming oscar adventure

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