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How ph & Mineral Content Affect Outcome of Fry Gender

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How ph & Mineral Content Affect Outcome of Fry Gender

Post  CalebNmomLuvFish on Thu Apr 03, 2014 9:58 pm

I was browsing online today looking over various sites at information on spawning & fish issue I seem to be having all over the house at the time!!  I love you  I ran across this article that REALLY caught my attention and for those of you who are into Cichlids, from Discus to Angelfish, African Mbuna, Haps or Centrals.. I think this guy is ONTO SOMETHING here...
At the very least, his research is intriguing and his findings are compelling. Heck, the man seems to be doing what we all strive to do anyway, make our aquariums as closely match the natural environments of our fish as possible...
So, I hope you all enjoy this article as much as I did if anybody has followed this protocol themselves, please share your results.. If not, please share your thoughts..personally, I think it sounds VERY PLAUSIBLE & I WANTA TRY IT & LIST MY OWN FINDINGS...ANYBODY ELSE GAME?

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