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My sunset platty had one fry ?

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My sunset platty had one fry ?

Post  chiclidlover on Sat Mar 29, 2014 3:06 pm

Been looking at my 29 tank checking the plant growth an I noticed an orange spec around the amazon sword when low an behold it was a fry I recently rehomed spike ( comet gold fish 4") an Leroy a silver minnow ( 4") to my daughters class mate who lost her fish + they started to become predators to smaller fish like the guppy. Out of all the changing I forgot the sunset spawned one servived an it's beautiful he's swimming with the neon cardinal tetra my gel food works I've been feeding it to the guppy fry. Noticed the mollies hiding under the sunken ship while the males quard the entrance quess ill see some free swimmers by night fall

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