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Complete 180 gallon salt system for sale

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Complete 180 gallon salt system for sale Empty Complete 180 gallon salt system for sale

Post  bobbyg on Mon Mar 17, 2014 9:23 am

180 gallon salt tank with over 225 lbs. of live rock and loaded with zos, mushrooms, soft corals, polyps, rose anenomies, leathers and fish. Includes 70 gallon sump, external pump for extra flow, protein skimmer, Artica 1/2 hp titanium chiller and l.e.d. custom mounted lights. I have been a serious hobbyist for about 12 years and am preparing to either sell or rent my home in Nags Head, NC (Outer Banks). I just want a fair price and prefer to sell to someone with experience rather than a newbie out of concern for a safe move and transition. It should also interest a fish store if you just take into consideration the value of the live rock. You of course would have to pick it up at my home in NC. If you email me I will send you pictures since I can't figure out how to upload one.


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