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Blue Treasure Synthetic sea salt is helpfull to DIY Aquarium

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Blue Treasure Synthetic sea salt is helpfull to DIY Aquarium Empty Blue Treasure Synthetic sea salt is helpfull to DIY Aquarium

Post  liangxinhuo01 on Mon Feb 24, 2014 7:44 am

Blue Treasure Synthetic sea salt is a medium formed by converting freshwater into sea water, and made of many kinds of inorganic chemical raw materials according to the chemical components of seawater. It basically contains all kinds of macroelements, microelements and trace elements found in natural sea water, without any nutrient such as N, P, Si, etc., and other elements harmful to sea creatures such as Os, Be, Tl, etc. Synthetic sea salt is pure and not contaminated, contains no organic contaminants such as surface active agent, organophosphorus pesticide, petroleum hydrocarbon, etc., which always exist in natural inshore sea water. Thus, it is preferably selected for breeding sea creatures for inland environments or places that needs clean seawater. sea salt series products are divided into coral type sea salt, ornamental fish type sea salt, sea beasts type sea salt and aquaculture type sea salt according to the characteristics of sea animals. Our synthetic seawater is colorless, foamless, depositless and clear, and has ideal pH buffer capacity and stable pH value.

Blue Treasure SPS Sea Salt is further purified based on Blue Treasure Reef Sea Salt. The new formula of Blue Treasure SPS Sea Salt is specialize developed for the growth and breed of Small Polyp Stony SPS Coral Reefs.

The Reef Sea Salt contains enriched Ca, Mg, Sr and microelements, and is suitable for growth and reproduction of all coral reefs organisms in artificial environment.

The synthetic seawater made of Tropic Fish Sea Salt is suitable for growth and breeding of all tropical ornamental sea fishes and other ornamental sea creatures. It is the ideal product for aquariums and household sea water aquariums.

The Shrimp/seafood sea salt has the same element components as natural sea water, but specially suitable for breeding marine animals, such as dolphin, sea dog etc., for a long term. The website:


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