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Beautiful Female Red Jewel For Sale

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Beautiful Female Red Jewel For Sale Empty Beautiful Female Red Jewel For Sale

Post  CalebNmomLuvFish on Sat Feb 01, 2014 1:03 pm

Nice looking female jewel. Very personable. Healthy. She LOVES to swim and will tirelessly swim up & down & has been a HUGE amount of fun to watch! She's a flirt and her zest for life & outgoing nature is absolutely charming & very endearing!! She has been kept very successfully with large Angels, Firemouth and Convict...think she would do well in a Central tank or even an angel tank. Has shown no aggression against the others. Am only parting with her as I am eliminating my Centrals for the time being. I have a very specific group of Centrals that I want to breed and I don't think she would work out well in the mix. She should do fine in an african cichlid tank as well, as the jewels come from a range somewhere between & around the two. However, fish are as individual as people, so I make no promises. We bought her at a petstore about 8 months ago as an adult. $10 (Half of what we paid), or will consider trade for angels or male africans..any of the 3 lakes.

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