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Help with pics???

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Help with pics??? Empty Help with pics???

Post  neogeo20041 on Fri Jan 24, 2014 3:55 pm

I'm almost done with my genetics article and was wondering if you my local fish keepers would help me. I need some pics for different varieties of angelfish. I would love to use pics from you all instead of just stealing it from the net. Post a pic of any angelfish you owned/had. Please post a pic of your angelfish and leave a phenotype. Make sure the pic is as clear as possible for us to understand. There is no rules just post all the good pic here. Please also put down the phenotype(physical trait) for your fish for example this pic below is a koi.

Phenotype- koi

Help with pics??? Image115
Help with pics??? Photo_10
Help with pics??? Photos10

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