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May Meeting~!

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May Meeting~!

Post  williemcd on Sat Jan 18, 2014 12:29 am

It sounds like I'm jumping the gun for sure.. but I'd like to make the May Meeting as something special so it WILL take some extra time, effort and volunteers.  
I wouldn't have an issue with hosting the meeting at my house and hope the meeting would include the following:

A family oriented cook-out... bringing your own meats/veggies or what-ever... Grills would be provided.

A group: "Aquatic Yard Sale" allowing everyone to offer or buy excess or needed equipment... and I'd think at a much lower price!  Additionally, if we promote the "Aquatic Yard Sale" on C/L or other venues, we might expose our club to far more folks than traditionally follow fish club forums.. .AND, might just interest others into joining in the hobby!

A window of opportunity to pre-stage some demonstrations of a members particular interest!  (Plant-scapes, CO2 system builds, Brine shrimp hatchery set-ups....etc.)... .

Just random thoughts.. to be chewed upon and hopefully improved upon!  Bill


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