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Chat and Friends.

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Chat and Friends.

Post  williemcd on Mon Jan 14, 2013 7:07 pm

Some might not be aware that at the bottom of the home page exists a capability to chat real time with other signed on users. It's easy to overlook it even with the more savvy formumotion users. CAUTION: Admins can read what you've shared via chat... (I learned the hard way)....
Another little known and somewhat hidden option is befriending other users on here. At this point in time with only 15 users, it's somewhat moot but as we grow, it could/should come in handy to reference old conversations... adding off-line information ...(phone number, home address etc.). To add or accept befriending issues, from the home page... click on the tab Profile. The next screen will provide an option titled "Friends and Foes"... Clicking on that will allow you to highlight your friends! Bill


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