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48 inch Light for sale

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48 inch Light for sale

Post  chale151 on Tue Dec 10, 2013 11:57 pm

I have a 48 inch Odyysea Light with 2-250 watt Metal Halides and 4-65 watt Compact Flourecent bulbs. All are actinic it appears or at least have the bluish tint for corals. This light came with a tank I bought, but I'm doing freshwater and I don't need that much lighting. One of the 65w CF bulbs are burnt out and needs replacing. It also has 6 moonlight leds as well. 4 cords control everything seperately. I've cleaned it and checked each component for working condition and only the 1 bulb mentioned was burnt out. Don't know the ages of any of the bulbs. I'm asking $100 obo for the light. Pick up in Culpeper, VA. Pics upon request.


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