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Genetics article (Under construction)

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Genetics article (Under construction)

Post  neogeo20041 on Mon Dec 02, 2013 8:06 pm

NOTE-this just a rough draft. I wanted to get some feed back on how to progress from here. Their are some mistakes for sure but this is just one part and not roughly revised. I plan on continuing my study on genetics and write as I go along. Let me know what you think.

What is genetics??? It is the study of inheritance that follows the principle of Mendel's law of inheritance.  Mendel used pea plants to do his genetic experiment. He took two kinds of color(yellow & green)  pea plant and cross-pollinate them. He noticed the offspring didn't have any blending traits from the parents. He also noticed few different traits that kept showing up in the offspring all throughout generations. Lets demonstrate with some drawings

I have been trying to get a pair of true white and true black angelfish for a while. I have such colored angelfish but getting them to cooperate is another thing. Lets say the female(white) don't really like male(black) very much and each have their own choices in pairs.  For studying purpose, lets say they have paired up and already have free swimmers. What kind of babies do you think they will have???

Capital-dominant gene
Lower- recessive gene
F1-first generation offspring

P1 x P2 = F1
!          !
DD   ww
(Black) x  (white)
       w      |__Dw_|__Dw _|        
       w       |__Dw_|__Dw_|            
F1=100% blacks

(Blacks) (Blacks)

F2=Dark black(1), black (2) & white(1) ratio.  
D   | __DD____|____Dw__|
w     |__Dw____|____ww__|

F2=DD, Dw & ww.
F2=(DD) 25%dark black 50% blacks 25%white. 1:2:1 ratio.

Note- black is a dominant physical type gene. Meaning it will always show itself with one copy inherited from parents. White is a recessive gene. Meaning it shows itself when it has two copies instead of one. So,  if a fish has one copy of white it won't show in the offspring unless that fish  is mated with a genetic copy of its own. Ex-  ww(white)x ww(white) will have 100 percent white offspring.

F2 on the other hand has three types of fish.  Dark black, black and white. From this little experiment we did here we notice few key things.

1. Hidden genes are recessive in nature.
2. Dark is a dominant gene since we noticed most of the  offspring were black after crossing Black x white pair.
3. Recessive can be expressed after siblings are crossed. F1xF1=F2.
4. Offspring don't have mixed color or blending of traits.
5. Offspring inherits one gene from each parents. DD x ww = Dw.

Mendel did the same exact thing but with pea plants because you can study up to 2 generations in a year.  I used the same principle to explain except used angelfish.  It a very simple experiment that have been used in modern genetics. I'm trying to simplify as much as possible but please forgive me if I fail to do so.

So in conclusion. What did we learn??? Dominant and recessive genes play a very big role on a fishes color or other traits. One most interesting thing about angelfish pair ; is that you will notice they look a similar most of the time. My DD's parents were purchased from angelplus and were siblings who eventually paired up. That was my first pair ever which I was able to spawn successfully. My second pair which had koi x hybrid black have had spawns but most of them were unfertilized. Anyway, genetics is a way to identify things that are otherwise not understood very well. I'm sure we have all come across genetics one way or another but we never really understood how it all works together.  Rest assured after reading this article you are going to be more knowledge about genetics then me...haha.

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