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Selling stand for 75/90 gallon and 40 breeder.

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Selling stand for 75/90 gallon and 40 breeder.

Post  neogeo20041 on Mon Jun 17, 2013 1:42 am

40 breeder-This stand has enough space for a 20 gallon sump and its white color. I got this stand for my 40 breeder saltwater but I'm upgrading it to a bigger one so don't need it anymore. Selling it for 20 bucks. Pics coming soon. 

75/90 gallon-This stand is custom made and has a canopy that comes with it. It is made out of bamboo and looks really unique and different. My only reason for selling it is because I already have a stand made for it. Selling this for 40. Pics coming soon.

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