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Group buy for plant bulbs.

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Group buy for plant bulbs.

Post  Amp2020 on Thu May 23, 2013 12:52 am

By the end of June I'm hoping to have a group buy for D-D Giesemann Powerchrome T5 HO(High Output) bulbs. I have a connection that's offering to give a very nice discount for those who participate in the group buy. Various sizes available. Let me know what size you are looking for and I'll check to see what's available. I'm waiting for an inventory list of size and quantities available for the group buy. I normally buy these for about $25 online and free shipping if I'm lucky but there's usually extra fee for the size of them. Hoping to get a price quote of around $15 or better. Price will depend on how much interest there is.

These are high output T5 bulbs and will only work on light fixtures designed for them. So if you have an old T5 fixture these will not work unless you upgrade the ballast. Bulbs should be replaced every 6-9 months and I'm way overdue for some new bulbs.

Post here or send me a message. I need to hear back from everyone to know how much interest there is and see if a group buy is possible.


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